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Choose Your Future
We'll Make It a Reality

What do you want to do for a living? Program computers? Fly?

Whatever your dream job is, there's a corresponding career in the National Guard that will train you for it.

When you join the Guard, you choose an MOS, or Military Occupational Specialty, from more than 200 exciting options. After Basic Training, in Advanced Individual Training (AIT), you go hands-on learning-then-doing-this job. Along with being fascinating and fun, this job acts as training ground for dozens of exciting, lucrative careers in the private sector.

It's a tough world out there. But Guard members have advantages. We place you ahead of the pack. Employers are looking for experience and leadership, and when they see the National Guard on your résumé, they know you've got it.

The Guard Mission
As a member of the National Guard, you are part of the mission of the Guard, serving and protecting your country and your local community. Click here to read more!

Career Specialty Areas (MOS)
Below are brief summaries of our MOS groupings.

Combat Arms
Train to defend our country and defeat the enemy. Learn to take and hold ground in battle. Prepares you for a career in the armed forces or Special Forces.

Combat Support
Jobs include information systems, communications networks, maps, area security and law and order. Can lead to civilian jobs in communications, civil affairs and intelligence.

Combat Service Support
Keep all operations running efficiently. Work may be in payroll, health, personnel or other areas. Prepares you for a career in human resources.

Military Police (MP) / Military Intelligence (MI)
MPs keep the peace and respond to emergencies. MI gather and analyze critical information, create and break secret codes and more. Civilian counterparts include the civilian police force, the FBI and the CIA.

Build, operate and service satellite dishes, microwave transmitters, fiber optics and computer networks. Corresponding private sector careers include video equipment operator and electronics.

Provide medical care to the injured and respond to natural disasters and humanitarian needs. Prepares you for health care jobs such as medical technician, lab specialist, nurse and physician.

Administrative / Logistics
This field includes Automated Logistics Specialist, public affairs, journalism and personnel administration. For almost every job in this area there is a corresponding private sector vocation.

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